This Sh*tty App Tells Your Friends When You're Dropping A Deuce

Published On 02/09/2015 Published On 02/09/2015

Pooping: everyone except Kim Jong-un does it, and generally, privacy is key. But, with social media invading nearly every aspect of our daily lives, it was only a matter of time before some entrepreneurial maverick of the men's room arrived to bring an open portal to our defecation habits.

That dark, pungent day is today. Enter TADTOY (Taking a Dump, Thinking of You)No, this is not a joke. And yes, civilization as we know it is now officially over.

This olfactorily offensive app for iPhone and Android lets you share all pertinent poo info with your pals—including where you are, what exactly you are letting out at the moment, and how you feel afterwards.

If this didn't nauseate you enough, TADTOY even grants said friends (who potentially won't be your friends for much longer) the opportunity to comment, give "pooints," and compare your business with their own #2 exploits.

Finally, you can figure out which one of your buddies is the sh*ttiest.

Wil Fulton is a Staff Writer at Supercompressor, and does all his bathroom stuff, exclusively, at the nearest Waffle House. Follow @WilWithOnlyOnel 



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