Tell Time With This Mesmerizing Ferrofluid Clock

Published On 08/17/2015 Published On 08/17/2015

We're grateful for all of NASA's ever applicable discoveries, but we're especially thrilled when one transforms an everyday appliance into a supernaturally beautiful product, like the Ferrolic display. Using the magnetically-controlled properties of Ferrofluid, this magical screen displays time, characters, or shapes, letting you tell time in the most anti-mundane possible fashion.


The Ferrolic display works by manipulating magnetic particles stored within the aluminum frame: once desired designs (or, the time) are set on a web browser and relayed to the device via Wi-Fi, magnetic fields coordinate behind the display to attract the blobs to their desired positions. You can see the whimsy of the whole thing in the delightful little dance the particles do en route to their positions. 

To own one of 24 produced units, head here with $8,300 on hand. 

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and tells the time via her level of hunger. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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