The Hottest Kickstarter Campaigns, 08/15/14

It's Friday y'all, get into it.

Power Annex

Status: $9,176 of $40,000
Estimated delivery: November 2014
Addressing the age-old issue of sh*tty iPhone battery life, this thin and narrow backup battery can be temporarily suctioned to the backside of your phone while it pumps it back to life. You'll still want to plan to be near some more permanent form of electricity, since it will only recharge up to 75 percent capacity, but hey it's still damn convenient (and affordable)!

Tessel Anti-Gravity Modular Pack System

Status: $19,842 of $20,000 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: February 2015
Quit rolling through the airport like a garsh darn bag lady and instead keep all your carry-ons tidy with this sleek, sturdy, and tidy new bag system from the folks at Tessel Supply. You can carry all four bags at once (backpack, laptop case, pencil tote, and "accessories case") or in any custom combination thanks to a magnetized attachment setup that securely connects them to one another in a space-saving manner. 


Status: $65,583 of $20,000 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: November 2014
Face it, networking sucks. But these new smart business cards with a built-in USB drive make it a whole lot easier to make meaningful and memorable connections. Not only can they be printed with all your relevant contact info, but thanks to special backend software interface, you can edit info shared on the drive remotely after giving it out, should you want to tailor it to a specific person. There's even a way to monitor how your data's being viewed. Creepy and cool.

Press Fit Standing Desk

Status: $45,179 of $10,000 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: September 2014
Yet one more helpful antidote to death-by-sitting, this wooden standing desk is not only easy on the eyes, but is fashioned from a series of laser-cut wood pieces that securely assemble like a 3D jigsaw puzzle without screws or tools.


Status: $158,062 of $50,000 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: February 2015
Sure, smartbulbs are all the rage right now, but why bother investing in one standalone version when you could screw any old "dumb" bulb into this hub and get all the same benefits? Simply plop any incandescent/halogen/dimmable CFL/LED bulb into the WiFi-enabled dongle, and boom, you'll be free to control your lighting from your phone, and even set it to turn on automatically when you walk in the room. [More...]

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He's pretty much ok with turning lights on and off the OG way.