Here's an editor's day... on Windows

Our editors work hard and eat hard. To make all that working and eating a little easier, we snagged the latest Nokia Lumia 1020 and some accompanying apps from Windows Store. From the start of the day to the thirsty finish, we put this piece of modern magic through its paces -- and it can do way more than play kickin' music. Check the gastronomic and technologic results of a day on Windows.

Waking Up

Waking up at the crack of way past dawn, New York Senior Editor Andrew Zimmer checks the Weather Channel app to see what level of arctic vortex he has to deal with. (It was a "light to mild" vortex day, FYI.)

The Morning Meeting

Discussing action items and key performance indicators are nice, if you're into that sort of thing. Zimmer is more into checking Facebook for a party invite for later that night.

Sourcing a story

But way before late-night shenanigans can kick off, some work has to get done. Zimmer uses Twitter to get right to the source -- his followers -- to ask the real hard-hitting questions every city inhabitant wants the answers to.

Skype Sesh

Before heading to lunch, Zimmer's gotta check in with Senior West Coast Editor Grant Marek on Skype. Marek's impersonation of Saved by the Bell's Zach Morris is uncomfortable and confusing for everyone not born in the 1980s.

Lunch! Finally!

Using Instragram, Zimmer finally gets to do what he does best -- capturing drool-worthy meals before inhaling them and reporting back to millions of readers on said meal's scrumptious levels.

Time To Go

Yep, he's calling this one early to head to a party, but he's gotta find the fete first. Using Facebook then Bing maps, then a series of clicks and whistles to echolocate, Zimmer finds himself at that evening/night's festivities...

Time to party

5:30pm -- ???
Yep, that's right. Until "???". Multiple question marks equals better party, everyone knows that. But this senior editor gets too caught up in taking flicks of the food and drink to get into it. Luckily another staffer is strong enough to pull him away and get Zimmer back in the action. (She's really very strong.)

Headed Home

After a full day of working (sort of) and eating (definitely), it's time to catch an Uber back home and get ready for another day at the salt mines (he may literally go to a salt mine).