Finally There's An App To Send Dirty Emojis

It's 2014, people—if you haven't figured out a way to get dirty with your emojis, you're doing it wrong. At the same time, that little tiny picture of poop can only take you so far. At this point, we've seen Seinfeld emojis, emoji coffee mugs, and you can even wear the renowned 100 points on your collar. So, the question begs, why aren't there any XXX-rated emojis?

There are now. The aptly-named Texticle takes texting to the next level by giving you access to upwards of a hundred totally inappropriate, adult-themed emojis. 

Choose from an array of topics: drugs, booze, heavy artillery, gambling, and—of course—boobies. A built-in keyboard within the app allows you to integrate text alongside smutty, tiny pictures of weed, grenades, and even-more-detailed poop.

Bonus: you can message these to your friends or post them on Twitter and Facebook...just remember to block your parents if choosing the latter.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and his favorite emoji is the Easter Island face. Like, who would ever need to use that in a conversation?