The 24K Gold-Plated Playstation Controller

Hardcore gamers who have defended and annihilated America in games like Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty are finally getting the recognition they deserve with the ColorWare Collection Sony DualShock 4 24k controller.

Dipped in legitimate 24-karat gold, this PS4-compatible controller has every feature necessary for tactically slaughtering zombies or firing Uzis on a Jet Ski, with dual analog sticks, trigger buttons, directional & action buttons, and a six-axis motion sensing system—oh, and did we mention it's dipped in gold? That's gold, Jerry, gold!


When asked about the choice in using the precious metals, the CEO of ColorWare stated, â€ś24k Gold is something we have been experimenting with for a while. The gaming controllers are so popular we thought it would be fun to create an exclusive gaming controller for those diehard gamers.”

Just to be clear, "diehard" refers to people who live and die by the analog stick—you know, the type of dudes who chugged Mountain Dew before it was rebranded as "Game Fuel" and ask to be buried alongside their copy of B​attletoads.

ColorWare also has an Xbox controller (as well as a golden MacBook Pro) if that's the sort of thing that keeps your water-craft buoyant. Each controller is $299 and ships in about three to four weeks—make sure you get your sticky little hands on it before that 10-year-old from next door steals his parents' credit card. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and his hands are almost always covered in Dorito dust.