The Aluminum Nintendo NES Of The Future Past Is For Sale

Finally, there is a Nintendo for grown-ups. You may have read that the folks at Analogue Interactive are working on the ultimate Nintendo; well, they've just dropped the Analogue Nt, and it just might be the perfect NES system.

For starters, you can forget all that horrible 1980s plastic: the entire casing has been made from a single block of 6061 aluminum. That's the stuff they use for airplanes, and you can get it anodized in almost any color you want. Inside, it uses all the original hardware that your old Nintendo came with, unlike other versions that use cheap knockoffs. The end result is that when you plug in up to four of your old controllers, and you put a cartridge in the top, it will work like it was supposed to work in 1985. No more blowing cartridges!

Possibly the best part, though, is that it's capable of 1080p output. Yes, Mario will still be 8-bit, but all eight of those bits will be stunningly clear now. The same goes for the audio quality, when that dog from Duck Hunt mocks your shooting ability. As a bonus, it plays cartridges from every region, and is compatible with your old Famicom system as well.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. You can bet he's ready to play Excitebike on this.