The ARCHT One Speaker Is The Easiest Way To Fill Your Home With Huge Sound

I've already pre-ordered my tickets for Taylor Swift's World Tour in 2015, but I may now be in the market for a refund. Why? Because I can't fathom how on earth I'm going to hear her any louder or clearer at MetLife Stadium than I did this week in the office with the ARCHT One speaker. 

ARCHT, developed on Kickstarter (raking in over $200,000 on a $70k goal; campaign ends 12/12), is the most phenomenal home speaker I've ever heard, providing what has to be the most delicious version of "Blank Space" ever played outside of a professional studio.  

Indeed, like the aforementioned indie rock singer, the ARCHT One shows us some incredible things. 

ARCHT connects via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay or directly through USB, and takes just seconds to start. It's the Wi-Fi that allows one to hear music at such a high quality (24bit/192kHz), and from Biggie to Enya to Mariah Carey, no genre is left behind. Eminem's fastest raps don't miss a beat; Florence + The Machine's "Shake It Out" reverberates as if Ms. Welch is in the room holding a mic. 

Yes, it's phallic-looking and isn't something that will likely fit with the rest of your furniture, but who cares? The second music begins playing, you'll forget all about looks. It's what's on the inside that counts—namely, a 360-degree speaker equipped with a sub-woofer, amplifier and full-range driver.

It has to stay plugged in to the wall while operating as there's no battery, but it doesn't matter considering its power; you can be three rooms away and still hear impeccable sound. (Plus, even if it were cordless, it's too bulky to carry around anyway.)

You can also pair ARCHTS, if you have more than one, for what would pretty much be a concert in your house—you could probably get away with charging your friends money to come over. ARCHT retails at $599, but prepare to never buy another speaker again.

Well, until it develops the next iteration.

Ryan Hatch is the deputy editor at Supercompressor. He'll end up going to Taylor, who's he kidding? He'll probably even Tweet about it. Still, these speakers.