Finally, A Credit Card-Sized Game Boy That Fits In Your Wallet

Published On 05/14/2015 Published On 05/14/2015

Even though we all have access to nearly unlimited gaming options on our smartphones, nothing compares to the pure joy of the 8-bit simplicity of the Game Boys of our youth. But these days, no one really wants to walk around actually carrying a bulky Game Boy. Enter Arduboy, a device that promises to give you all the fun of an old school Game Boy in a package small enough to fit in your wallet.


At launch, the Arduboy will have a catalogue of free games based on the classics you know and love, like Pokemon and Mario. The device runs on an open source software, Arduino, so that catalogue will only grow as developers get their hands on the device. It also comes with tech to teach you how to code, so you can even make your own games. 

Contribute to the Kickstarter campaign here to get an Arduboy at launch in October 2015 for only $39.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. Yeah, he beat the Elite Four back in the day, no big deal. 



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