Damn, Friday, lookin' good. You been working out?

The Beer Hammer

Price: $30
Status: $9,265 of $10,000 goal
Estimated delivery: May 2015
Is there a cooler way to crack open a beer than smashing it with a wooden hammer? No, there is not. Bringing the craft of carpentry to your craft beer, these bottle openers are handmade in South Dakota and will pop your brew open in seconds using a specialized grommet in the mallet. They're fully customizable, coming in maple, walnut, cedar, cherry, or—if you're feeling fancy—African mahogany finishes.

Check it out in action:

Refold's Portable Cardboard Standing Desk

Price: $15.66
Status: $50,620  of $25,000 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: January 2015
This portable standing desk is easily collapsible and offers an eco-friendly, customizable work station that goes anywhere you do. Provided you don't go anywhere it might rain.

Air Umbrella

Price: $200
Status: $98,467 of $10,000 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: December 2015
Obliterating its Kickstarter goals, the Air Umbrella is poised to revolutionize rainy days. By generating a stream of rapidly moving air currents from a motor stored in a solitary handle, it effectively creates a shield that keeps you dry. Watch carefully and you can see how it deflects those drops. The future is here, guys.

Airport Runway Print Collection

Price: $25-$80
Status: $1,905 of $11,800 goal
Estimated delivery: December 2014
Chicago-based designer Jerome Daksiewicz is known for his graphic prints that turn blueprints and architecture into striking works of art. His Runway Series is no different, and this time around he's raising funds to create this box set of America's busiest airport runways, attractively rendered in high-contrast black and white. Damn, Atlanta, you got some nice curves.


Price: $17
Status: $227,017 of $29,000 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: January 2015
It's hard not to get behind what is essentially the adult version of velcro shoes. Who needs laces? These metal shoe closures provide a clean, no-muss no-fuss look for your sneaks, neatly attaching to your laces and securing them with magnets. They also double as a unique shoe storage solution, since you can just stick 'em to any metal surface. See mom? We finally cleaned our room.

Ali Drucker is the beer-smashing, sneaker-hoarding editorial assistant for Supercompressor. Follow her on Twitter at @ali_drucker.



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