iPhone Breathalyzers And The Best Kickstarters This Week

Thank God and Ice Cube for Friday!

Albert Digital Clock

Price: $136
Status: $66,346 of $26,111 - FUNDED
Estimated delivery: February 2016
While most technology makes life easier, the Albert Digital Clock is designed to keep your cognitive skills on point. Rather than tell time the old-fashioned way, it does so by displaying mathematical equations, therefore forcing us to calculate the hour and minute. Bear in mind the clock was made for kids, but it works for all ages and serves as a great tool that keeps us updated on basic math. School’s back in session, people.

DrinkMate Breathalyzer

Status: $45,572 of $35,000 - FUNDED
Estimated delivery: October 2015
DrinkMate isn’t the first smartphone-enabled breathalyzer to hit the market. However, it’s definitely the most portable one. Compatible with the iPhone and other iOS devices, this tiny breath alcohol tester works with an app to measure BAC. Naturally, it's also a social network and shares those results with friends so you’ll know where others are and how many beers they are on track for. And since the DrinkMate doesn’t require a mouthpiece, you can share the device with friends without swapping saliva. 

Gauss Glasses

Status: $12,823 of $22,257 - FUNDED
Estimated delivery: September 2015
While computer glasses are usually considered more of a novelty, many professionals use them to protect their vision from the blue light emitted on digital screens. Gauss Glasses are built to offer the first, complete eye protection lenses for PC nerds. When looking at screens, they manage to block blue light without compromising color. The lenses also tint up to 75 percent for additional shielding from UV rays. They come in six designs and four colors, too.


Status: $245,673 of $100,000 - FUNDED
Estimated delivery: March 2016
When capturing video footage on the go, you're usually left editing everything after on a laptop. Which sucks. Fitting the power of a 15-inch laptop into a pocket-sized device, the GNARBOX lets you download footage via SD or USB that can be accessed and edited on its accompanying smartphone app with pro features like color correction, slow motion, and cropping.

Stary Electric Skateboard

Status: $110,643 of $100,000
Estimated delivery: November 2015 
Electric longboards are the new fad. Unlike some of the other electric skateboard models, Stary keeps its motor, gearbox, and sensor inside the wheels. The deck is lightweight and composed of fiberglass, bamboo, and Canadian maple, and Stary is powered by a really simple handheld remote. Just slide the thumb trigger forward for accelerating or slide it back to brake. Oh yeah—it’s also ridiculously light at 8.6 pounds.

Alex Bracetti is a contributor to Supercompressor, Complex, HOOP, Man of Many, and several other popular lifestyle outlets. Follow him on Twitter @AlexBracetti.

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