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Terero Corp

Cross Grabado Tech + Smart Wallet

Price: $60
Status: $1,110 of $10,000 goal
Estimated Delivery: July 2015
Losing your wallet is an incredibly scary experience. Cross hopes to spare you the pain and shame of misplacing your billfold by offering up its own hi-tech solution. The Smart Wallet is encoded with a Bluetooth tracker and comes programmed with an anti-theft mechanism that’s triggered directly from its accompanying app to prevent thieves from stealing your info. You can then track down the lost wallet on a map and chase after it.


Interactive Beer Pong

Price: $85 - $5000
Status: $71,180 of $1,250 goal - FUNDED
Estimated Delivery: July 2015
No man cave is complete without a peer pong table. So if you’re one who fancies bright lights and brewski competitions, consider this your next major investment. This interactive DIY platform comes with flashing LED lights, sanitary ball washer, and a built-in scoreboard with animations, which obviously comes in handy after tapping several kegs. Just know it won’t improve your ball-throwing skills.


Bruno Smart Trash Can

Price: $179
Status: $65,734 of $50,000 goal - FUNDED
Estimated Delivery: October 2015
Bruno’s hi-tech trash container has transformed into a crowdsouring smash over the past week primarily because it sucks. No seriously, it has the ability to vacuum dirt off the ground, practically eliminating the need of bending over with dustpan in hand. It boasts a number of connected features that reminds users when to change the collection bag and take out the trash.


Mosevic Solid Denim Sunglasses

Price: £70 (est. $150)
Status: £1,161 of £5,000 goal
Estimated Delivery: September 2015
Denim is always in style. And as Bono’s proven over the years, so are sunglasses. Mosevic sets out to create its own fashion statement by merging both trends and creating a fresh pair of well-built shades to match your wardrobe. Three unisex styles and colorways are set for release with each sporting polarized Carl Zeiss Vision lenses for precision vision.



Price: $35
Status: $11,487 of $20,000 goal
Estimated Delivery: September 2015
Barbecues are a summertime fixture. So for the cook stuck fricasseeing in front of the grill on Memorial Day, you might want to consider having the GasWatch on hand. This digital propane meter keeps you connected to the cooking machine via your mobile device—measuring the amount of propane left in the tank and food weight, which it then converts into cooking time. In other words, you can monitor the grub while throwing back a Bud in your mini-pool, Al Bundy style.


SipaBoard Smart Paddleboard

Price: $1,450
Status: $195,169 of $150,000 goal - FUNDED
Estimated Delivery: September 2015
Storing and transporting a paddleboard is a b*tch. Just saying. Here we have an electric self-inflating alternative that nullifies both annoyances by making it easier to pack and carry into the water. The SipaBoard comes tricked out with a jet propulsion for smooth upstream paddling, along with the ability to control the board’s speed from your smartphone. It also doubles as a compressor to inflate the board before paddling upstream.

Alex Bracetti is a contributor to Supercompressor, Complex, HOOP, Man of Many, and several other popular lifestyle outlets. Follow him on Twitter @AlexBracetti.



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