Smartphone-Made Camera Obscuras And The Best Kickstarters This Week

Happy Fourth everyone! 

Freway Smart eBike

Status: $137,547 of $100,000 - FUNDED
Estimated delivery: September 2015
The Freway is a 27-speed ebike that lets riders cycle on- or off-road with ease. A dynamic control system consisting of a 4-inch touchscreen that records all physical movement, from calories burned to mileage, is built into the bike. It even supports charging ports for all other portable devices including phones, tablets, and even laptops. Bluetooth and GPS are features all in the works to provide smart navigation for urban bikers.

The Lumigraphe

Price: $99 
Status: $21,496 of $49,276 goal 
Estimated delivery: December 2015
Considered the “camera obscura for your smartphone,” this take on the historic optical device captures stills the same way photographers did in the old days—creating a soft, vignette trim and a sepia filter without added electricity. But what makes it such an awesome product is its ability to fold up and fit in any backpack, expanding like an accordion for on-the-go use. Simply attach your phone to it and use the accompanying app to customize projected images with nostalgic flair. 

Baron Shave Kit 

Price: $75+
Status: $30,965 of $50,000 goal
Estimated delivery: February 2016
Not sold on electric shavers or subscription services like the Dollar Shave club? Baron re-imagines the classic razor with a high-end shaver kit that keeps all facial-cutting necessities in a stylishly secure unit. The company offers a cutting-edge (sorry) razor constructed from black chromium-plated stainless steel along with a stand, affordable blade replacements, and a premium brush. It'll distinguish your bathroom.

Floating Record Vertical Turntable

Status: $890,959 of $50,000 goal - FUNDED
Estimated delivery: December 2015
Your vinyl collection is only as attractive as the record player you own. And it doesn’t get any hotter than this vertical turntable. This LP spinner uses innovative engineering to play records in an upright position without compromising sound quality. The project has already crushed its Kickstarter goal by over $800,000. So in other words, you might want to put in your pre-order ASAP.

TITAN Mixer Bottle 

Price: $25+
Status: $56,628 of $25,000 goal 
Estimated delivery: July 2015
Mixer bottles have become a staple in the fitness world, offering gym buffs a simpler way to supplement shakes before, during, and after workouts. However, most bottles on the market suffer the same problems: they’re messy and require constant cleaning. The TITAN uses patent pending Helix Impeller technology that mixes drinks up to 40% quicker and provides thorough cleaning. Its bottom compartment also holds up to two scoops of supplement powder for further portability. Time to juice up!

Alex Bracetti is a contributor to Supercompressor, Complex, HOOP, Man of Many, and several other popular lifestyle outlets. Follow him on Twitter @AlexBracetti.

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