It's the weekend. Time to celebrate with boozy flashlights, next-level knives, and DIY beer-enhancing.


VSSL Flask Light

Price: $55
Status: $20,146 of $19,810 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: July 2015
It's a flask...and a light. Get it? The ultimate portable survival tool contains a flashlight, compass, emergency batteries, and two shot glasses, plus a compartment that'll store 10 ounces of your favorite spirit. It'll give you exactly what you need if you get stranded on the trail: liquid courage.

Hop Theory

Hop Theory Beer-Enhancing Sachets

Price: $15
Status: $11,362 of $25,000 goal
Estimated delivery: July 2015
Ready to up that boring Bud is Hop Theory, a line of biodegradable infusion packets that adds a more dynamic depth of flavor to your beer. Each sachet comes with a specialized blend of coriander, orange peel, and hops that will make any brew taste craft-quality. Further down the line, they're hoping to add infusions like pumpkin, peach, and double IPA to their repertoire. Bottoms up.

Liquidity Nanotech

Naked Filter Water Bottle

Price: $14
Status: $49,074 of $40,000 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: August 2015
A built-in filter water bottle with a twist: once the filter is used up, water will no longer pass through, so you know exactly when to change it. Naked Filter uses a carbon core and nano-fiber membrane to remove 99.9999% of disease-causing bacteria in seconds. That's a lot of nines.


Fave All-Purpose Knives

Price: $55
Status: $31,144 of $1,000 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: July 2015
A knife that's just as comfortable slicing through rope as tomatoes, Fave knives are forged from high carbon 420 stainless steel with reclaimed wood handles, making them a versatile and attractive addition to your kitchen or shop.


Payback Bike Seat System

Price: $25
Status: $12,297 of $8,000 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: July 2015
A friend's stolen bike seat was the inspiration behind this security clamp, which bolts your saddle in place. It takes the average thief just 10 seconds to steal a bike seat, but Payback provides a lifetime theft guarantee, and will replace both your post and saddle if they can't live up to their promise. For $25, that seems more than fair.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.



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