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Lumos Bike Helmet

Price: $99
Status: $533,219 of $125,000 - FUNDED
Estimated delivery: June 2016
It’s not the first light-up bike helmet to hit the market, but the Lumos’ advanced turning signal technology certainly makes it stand out as the hottest one. A wireless remote attaches to the handlebar, letting bikers notify drivers when they’re turning, whereas the built-in accelerometer senses when a biker is slowing down to automatically trigger brake lights. Easily rechargeable via USB, the illuminated helmet is the easiest—and arguably the safest—way for bikers to stay visible at night.

Mark Carson

The Crash of '29 Art Deco Watch

Price: $2,400
Status: $24,310 of $30,000
Estimated delivery: December 2015
This refined timepiece is designed in honor of the golden age of wrist and pocket watch craftsmanship (1920s and ‘30s). The tiered design is reminiscent of Art Deco architecture, and features a sapphire crystal and waterproof resistance rated at 50 meters to survive the occasional fall in the sink or toilet. Each watch comes complete with authentic, restored vintage American pocket watch movements, all visible on the back.

Mountain Pong

Mountain Pong

Price: $50
Status: $38,661 of $30,000 - FUNDED
Estimated delivery: September 2015
Mountain Pong elevates the American frat party tradition—quite literally—to new heights by adding four tiers and six cups to the game for more beer-chugging madness. In other words, consider it the Skee-ball of drinking games. Built with lightweight, quality plastic, the set is both portable and sturdy enough to survive your next tailgating party. Question is, how will you apply those Jedi beer techniques on this beauty?



Price: $99
Status: $67,194 of $40,000 - FUNDED
Estimated delivery: February 2016
Music producers can now bang out beats on the go with this Bluetooth MIDI controller. The Minim comes stacked with a ton of production tools including 3D motion sensors, eight pressure-sensitive pads, 15 feature buttons, and a touch-controlled fader to create samples, sequences, and songs. Might want to toss that Akai MPC in the closet for now.


The Undone Belt

Price: $23
Status: $38,226 of $19,000 - FUNDED
Estimated delivery: October 2015
The Undone Belt looks to redefine the fashion category by offering a maximum-comfort, reversible design made for versatility. No holes, metal or overhang—it’s a portable band composed from flexible, water-friendly materials that feel like the waistband on your favorite sweatpants, only with a more stylish presence. The belts have even been tested against all kinds of clothing, plus multiple weather conditions and work environments to ensure smooth transitions before walking out the door.

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