Eye-Tracking VR Headsets And The Best Kickstarters This Week

To quote the great Wiz Khalifa: "Live life like it’s the weekend. Get it in every night till the week end."

AEXO: The Defender Drone

Status: $19,099 of $27,897 goal
Estimated Delivery: November 2015
Billed as “the world’s most touchable and protective drone,” the AEXO could be the most personalized flying system ever built—for now. The creators molded a lightweight aluminum frame that keeps the UAV safe during collisions, while protecting the propellers from any lateral contact. Adding to its distinguished build is the ability to position the camera in any spot where propeller shadowing is non-existent, therefore enhancing aerial shots in the process. No one wants the drone to be taking a selfie of any kind.

GOBAG Compressible Duffle Bag

Price:£90 - £130
Status: $62,379 of $70,392 goal
Estimated Delivery: October 2015
The GOBAG isn’t your average travel bag. It’s far cooler thanks to one killer feature—an integrated vacuum-compressible compartment that condenses on-the-go items. Use the bag as a traditional duffle or transform it into a backpack via removable shoulder straps. The fact that it’s also crafted from waterproof TPU coated ballistic nylon makes it the perfect travel companion for outdoor adventurists.

Phree Digital Pen

Status: $562,628 of $100,000 goal - FUNDED
Estimated Delivery: April 2016
Handwriting has become a lost art in the digital era. But for the scribblers who still rely on jotting notes down, this smart pen is optimized to let you write, draw, or annotate on ANY surface while streaming all content directly onto any smartphone, tablet, or laptop screen. The Phree works with a number of third-party apps including Office, OneNote, and EverNote and can dial/answer calls and send texts. This pretty much makes the Samsung S-Pen obsolete.

EVERYMAN Porter Key Knife

Status: $6,987 of $7,500 goal
Estimated Delivery: July 2015
Need a tool that can solve everyday problems? The Porter Key Knife is a step in the right direction, as it not only helps tackle minor tasks like opening boxes, but doubles as a bottle opener to crack open brewskis at happy hour. Constructed from 3CR13 Stainless Steel, it weighs no more than an ounce and is said to be "significantly stronger than a standard Phillips, or hex head bolt." Reserve a spot on your keychain.

FOVE Virtual Reality Headset

Status: $355,505 of $250,00 goal – FUNDED
Estimated Delivery: May 2016
Virtual reality remains the big buzzword on the tech scene. And in a consumer market already flooded with soon-to-be-released VR headsets, the FOVE stands out as the most promising of the bunch. Besides tracking head and body movements, it has eye-tracking technology that can determine where a user is looking. The company promises a more immersive gaming experience with the ability to make eye contact with characters and potentially aim weapons by looking at a target. We’ll never play Call of Duty the same way again. Or at least we hope.

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