10 High-Tech Ski Items You Need This Season

Every day humanity inches closer and closer to the inevitable surrender to our robot overlords, who we hope will be benevolent and not evil. And as technology increasingly infiltrates every facet of our lives, from our booze to our pets to our...bedrooms, is there really a good reason to stop? Get a look at the best gear to give you a gnarly tech-enabled ski session this winter.

Glider Gloves - $29.99
Mobile capability on the slopes begins and ends with iPhone access. Glider Gloves are double-lined for extra warmth, and woven with touch-responsive conductive materials throughout, so you can operate your phone without those unsightly finger pads most touchscreen gloves use.

Oakley Airwave Goggles - $649
The future of ski googles has bold, sleek look with a slew of capabilities to match. The Airwave features a heads-up display so you can view text messages, jump height, incoming calls, even time spent in the air. Pair it with the Garmin VIRB Elite action camera to record a live feed as you shred, or sync 'em with the app's GPS and locate all your other pals on the mountain who have a pair.

NuDown Jacket - $350
One jacket for any type of winter weather. NuDown has a built-in air pump, so you can customize the amount of insulation in your outerwear depending on the conditions. Pump it up when you hit the mountain in the cold early hours, and let out some air after you've worked up a sweat.

Trace - $199.99
Your Fitbit isn't going to cut it slope-side. Trace is among the first snow-sport optimized fitness trackers that'll report on your maximum and sustained speeds, airtime, number of jumps, calories burned, and even resting time spent on the chair lift. 

GoPro Helmet Front Mount - $14.99
When it comes to action footage, there's nowhere to go but pro. To get a bird's eye view of you carving fresh powder, a helmet front mount will deliver stable, quality video. It'll work with any GoPro cam, but why not spring for the best of the best?

180s Bluetooth Ear Warmers - $40.00
Because frostbite is no fun for anyone, bundle up with a pair of Bluetooth-enabled earmuffs. They're water-resistant, fleece-lined and easily fit under your helmet while allowing you to take calls and listen to music on any other Bluetooth equipped device. 

3L Hover Snowboard Pant - $449.95
Sometimes the best tech isn't about wires or touchscreens. Burton's snowboard pant features rugged, breathable Gore-Tex, plus their trademarked Turbo-cooling Crossflow Venting to keep you cruising without overheating. 

Apex MC X Ski Boots - $895
Big Mountain pioneered the chassis system at work in these monsters. The soft inner boot pops out of the harder shell, so you can walk around in just the boot component. Their EVA heat moldable inner liner makes for some of the warmest footwear on the market, with customizable adjustment through a boa closure system. If Iron Man went skiing and forgot his boots at home, he'd wear these.

Heatsync Vital - $74.99
You won't need this heavy-duty warmer while you're flying down the mountain, but on the coldest of days when you're at rest, or if disaster strikes and you're stranded on the slopes, Brunton may just save your ass with its latest offering. The USB-powered base layer can be set to high (131°F), medium (113°F), and low (100°F), meaning sub zero temps are no reason to stay inside.

Seirus HeatTouch Inferno Gloves - $374.95
Ultra slim batteries = all of the power of a furnace in your hands without the bulk. The wrist cuffs keep snow out and heat in, while the recharchable batteries give you six full hours of uninterrupted heat.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. If they didn't get in the way of typing, she'd wear these gloves in the office. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.