Yes, of course we love our modern sound systems. But sometimes we feel like we missed out on something by being born too late. (No, we don't mean record players—owning one is so played out.) We're talking about the gramophone.

Getting us most of the way there is The Bluetooth Gramophone, which harnesses the best of yesterday and today to give us something totally bold and different.

Inspired by those old horn speakers, the Gramophone features a steel horn and a walnut base, giving it the solid material it needs to resonate. There're two watts of power in the unit, and it'll put out tunes for 12 to 18 hours—pretty damn good for its three-to-four hour charge time.

And Steven Tyler likes it, so.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He bets Cole Porter would sound pretty good through this. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.



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