Canon's New Camera Can See In The Dark

Published On 07/31/2015 Published On 07/31/2015

In this age of smartphones and sex tapes, access to digital video cameras is easy to come by. Maybe too easy. The tech is far from perfect, though. Getting HD quality in low light can be a challenge, as illustrated by shows like Ghost Hunters. Yeah, sure, that's an "orb" in the frame. Whatever you say, dude. We can't see a thing.

Canon has come to the rescue, though. Their ME20F-SH boasts the specs needed to deliver stunning quality in dark conditions. We just wan't wait to see how people use it.


This thing is pretty sweet, though. It can capture HD video in conditions of less than 0.0005 lux. In other words, the ME20F-SH delivers full color video in light so low you might worry you're experiencing a Biblical plague.


At a price of $30,000, it's fair to say this isn't a common consumer product. Canon recommends that reality show producers and documentary filmmakers add it to their toolbox to help them film in otherwise limiting light conditions.

We've got a better idea. High-end product that can see in the dark? Who has Bruce Wayne's number?

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