The Top 20 Robots In Modern History

Robots are awesome.

They always have been awesome and they always will be awesome. Whether they're fictional characters thought up by filmmakers or actual ​entities created by the world's top nerds scientists, the idea of the robot has shifted and grown throughout time. We dug in and found the 20 coolest robots from movies, TV, and ugh, real life and ranked them based on how cool they are—because a rank isn't a rank without a little subjective reasoning. 

20. Gort — The Day the Earth Stood Still

For those who've never seen the 1951 science-fiction film, Gort is the peace-keeping, laser-shooting robot sent to Earth alongside a pleasant alien dude named Klaatu. He's part of an interstellar police force that will destroy anything and everything that threatens the peace of the human race—including the human race itself.

19. Terminator — The Terminator 

Arnold's Terminator was the original robot that kids thought about when they were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. Throughout Terminator and Terminator 2, Arnold was not the Austrian bodybuilder we all know and love, but a cold piece of steel with a love of leather pants. 

18. The Incredible Bionic Man

He may not look like a typical movie "cyborg," but the Incredible Bionic Man himself is the closest thing you're going to get to a Terminator for a long time. This feat of bioengineering was built from stray parts and has the ability to walk and talk. Oh, and he has a complete circulatory system. 

17. Data — Star Trek

Coming in hard and strong is Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was a cyborg that still knew how to crack a joke and, despite the fact he loses his sh*t over the course of the series, he still proves to be one of the most useful crew members of the Enterprise. 

16. The Claw of Shame — Nathan For You 

If you're not watching Nathan For You, you're doing it wrong. The Claw of Shame was one of the most brilliant (and illegal) concepts for a sketch on TV. Nathan is handcuffed and has 90 seconds to free himself as his pants are being unzipped by a robotic arm in front of an audience of children. If he failed, he would've exposed himself to the kids and become a registered sex offender. 

Despite the fact that the robot legitimately ran on Windows 95, Nathan managed to free himself before he committed a sex crime. No words, just watch it

15. Kirobo

You know what separates this robot from your average human being? Kirobo has actually been in outer space. Kirobo is Japan's first robot astronaut and spent some solid time aboard the International Space Station. Kirobo's main features include speech synthesis, telecommunications, facial recognition, and video recording. So WTF have you done with your life? 


Further proof that all we need to do to procure a robot like WALL-E is mercilessly destroy the Earth. Call us crazy, but it's totally worth it. He's the most endearing robot of all time and goes through hell to win the heart of EVE. Hear that, people? Littering is fine. 

13. Rachael — Blade Runner

Robotic sulking hasn't looked this sexy since, well, ever. Regardless of the fact that Rachael knew she was nothing more than a Replicant, she fought alongside Harrison Ford in one of the greatest dystopian future movies of all time. Sure, it's sad when she realizes she's a robot—but look at the bright side: you're a hot robot. 

12. Roomba

Roomba isn't just an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner, it's a symbol of American ingenuity in the face of laziness. Released by the iRobot corporation in 2002, Roomba uses two independently operating wheels that allow 360 degree turns to get to even the hardest-to-reach spots in your house...pending those spots are on the floor.

Roomba's influence on American culture can be documented in pop culture with Parks and Rec, Arrested Developmentand Breaking Bad

11. Gunslinger — Westworld

Here's the thing about Yul Brynner: he's actually scarier in real life than the murderous robot he portrays in the 1973 science-fiction film, Westworld. 

10. The Brobot

Designed by a couple of beer-loving robotics fanatics from Utah State University, the Brobot came to fruition after the creators posed the question: can a robot be programmed to fetch beer? The answer is yes. Yes, they can. 

9. The Autoblow 2

Designed by visionary ex-pat/genius, Brian Sloan, the Autoblow 2 boasts over 1,000 hours of "play" time through its well-designed interior and a perky mouth that has literally no standards. I got the opportunity to test one of these bad Larrys out. The results? Wonderful

8. Fembots — Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Hands down the foxiest robot to ever threaten the life of Mike Myers and further proof that a woman's breasts can kill you in a hail of gunfire. 

7. T-1000 — Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Created by Skynet, T-1000 was a prototype terminator that was sent back in time to make Arnold Schwarzenegger's life a living hell. Composed of a mimetic poly-alloy, T-1000 had the ability to shape-shift into basically anything he wanted and his only natural enemy was...lava? Despite the fact that this kind of robot could never exist in real life, T-1000 still makes every teenage boy drop their mouths in awe. 

6. Boston Dynamics BigDog

This rough-terrain robot can walk, climb, run, and looks f*cking terrifying doing it. At roughly three feet long and 2.5 feet tall, BigDog's on-board computer controls locomotion, processes sensors and handles communications with the user and can run up to four mph.

Let's hope these things are never used for war, because just imagine that thing running toward you. Horrifying. 

5. HAL 9000 — 2001: A Space Odyssey 

A robot ain't sh*t unless it's got a murderous streak in its programming. HAL 9000 is, perhaps, one of the most famous evil robots in movie history—but can you blame him? That's what happens when you give a sentient computer feelings. 

4. GERTY — Moon 

2009's answer to HAL 9000, except GERTY ends up (spoiler alert) not being evil. 

3. Bender — Futurama 

He smokes, swears, lies, cheats, and needs beer to live. Bender is the finest creation to come out of Matt Groening's brain since, well, The Simpsons. Hardly any of the robots on this list can hold the esteemed honor of inflicting an awesome catchphrase on America, but that's what happens when you tell someone to "bite your shiny metal ass." 

2. AWESOM-O — South Park

AWESOM-O may be the least robotic robot on this it's just Cartman in a cardboard body, but that doesn't mean he should be left out. AWESOM-O finds out the hard way that he's not made for pleasure, but that doesn't stop him from staying in costume for weeks with Butters. 

1. R2-D2 — Star Wars

Let it be known that C-3PO did not make this list because he's simply not as cool as R2-D2. If there was a list of the most irritating robots in history, you bet your ass he'd top that sucker. Anyway, we love R2-D2 because he's a chirpy little lifesaver that literally appears in every single Star Wars film. He saves so many peoples' asses, it's not even funny.

Way to go, little guy.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and, when he grows up, wants to be a robot.