The Designer Of The Video Game From Her Made A Game...So We Tried It

David O'Reilly, the man behind the inexplicable but entrancing video game Joaquin Phoenix plays in the film Her, has designed his own game called Mountain which you can try right now. So we did.

Mountain, an "ambient procedural mountain game" available for Mac, PC, and Linux, creates a custom, floating mountain-like land mass that evolves over time. You just sit back and watch the grass grow. Actually.

But first, Mountain prompts you to interpret a few big concepts using drawings. And things got deep.

It then generates a unique mountain based on your apparent philosophical views of the world. Or artistic abilities. Or maybe both. Either way, it makes some pretty bold claims.

Follow the progress of your mountain over time, watching time pass and the landscape develop. You'll get over 50 hours of soothing mountain-spinning, and each game will conclude with a unique ending based on your initial input. 

Overall, this game felt a lot like its cinematic roots: beautiful to look at, engrossing, and kind of a trippy mindf*ck.

Ali Drucker is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. She never claimed to be a good artist.