The Idiot-Proof SmartWatch Is Finally Here

The smartwatch: cool in theory, but often dumb in practice. The James Bond-style watch with lots of apps and smartphone connectivity has taken over, but often they just seem to complicate things. Do you really need to read a text on your watch, then pull out your phone to type one back? Do you really want to have to charge yet another product and pray it doesn't die when you need it? Enter the PHOSPHOR Touch Time.

This sleek, minimalist little device features touchscreen technology and offers you a host of useful apps that function on their own, including a calculator, calendar, stopwatch, and a customizable display face  — the things you actually NEED from a watch. No smartphone linking, no need to charge it. Wear a watch, and not a complicated little wrist burden.

Evan Scott Schwartz is the Tech editor for Supercompressor. He likes his watches to tell the time and look good - you know, like a watch.