Grilling Steaks To Perfection Just Got Simpler

So you don't have to hover nonstop over the coals in anxious anticipation of that perfectly cooked steak, the new iGrill Mini is a wireless temperature monitor that syncs with your mobile gadgetry and alerts you from afar at the precise moment to rescue it from the heat.

The metal probe is connected to a Bluetooth-enabled hub (conveniently magnetized for mounting anywhere on your grilling rig), which communicates with your phone or tablet via a special app, providing real time updates and alerts on temperature and doneness for a whole smorgasbord of meats. That way, you can actually share a drink with your pals away from the smoke and heat while the mini machines do the heavy lifting.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He prefers eyeing the grill action old-school but isn't afraid to embrace the future.