The 10 Most Expensive iPhone Apps You Can Buy

Though most people seldom buy an app from the App Store, it's certainly possible to rack up an enormous bill in a short amount of time, given your Wifi speed. The average price of an iPhone app is just $0.19, but there is an elite group of apps that are in the $999.99 Club, maxing out the price tag to its upper limit.

To celebrate the release of iOS 8, we've decided to dig deep in the App Store to find the priciest apps available—filtering out the hoaxes, repetitive niche downloads (so many dentist patient-management apps), and the other junk to get you the good stuff. Honestly, none of it looks that good, though that Sexy Finger Print Test has three solid stars, somehow.

1. VIP Black - $999.99
This app, which provides concierge services, lets the user know about VIP events and more high-rollery things that actually require that you prove a net worth of £1,000,000. They're British, apparently.

2.BarMax CA - $999.99
A newly minted JD looking to pass the bar? If you feel like studying on a four-inch screen (or 5.5-inch screen if you get that 6 Plus!), what better way to do it than with this incredibly comprehensive iPhone app that costs around four times what you paid for your iPhone?

3.DDS GP - $499.99
The number one app for dentists everywhere—or so it claims—DDS GP undercuts the $1k apps by 50 percent. You probably don't need to do any presentations on someone's oral health, but you might run across this during a Novocain sesh.

4.Vizzywig 4K - $999.99
By far the coolest app on this list, this is the one that might live up to the hype of its price tag. Apple's first 4K video app, Vizzywig takes 24 photographs a second, giving you 24p, with each frame having the quality of a still. We're not sure why this isn't native tech to the iPhone—it might prompt more people to buy the iPhone with more storage—but it has some great reviews despite its prohibitive price.

5.CyberTuner - $999
Capitalizing on their 17 years of piano tuning expertise, Reyburn Piano Service's app makes a piano tuner's life much easier. An app for professionals, they can write this off their taxes, but you can't.

6.Water Globe - $249
This app, which is just a bunch of snow globes, runs a "fluid dynamics simulation" and uses gravity to make them really realistic. You can use your finger to shake it around. Incredibly, it has three stars averaged from 115 reviews.

7.KGulf - $499
KGulf might be expensive, but it is really impressive, capable of simulating the 2D tidal currents and water levels of any part of the Arabian Gulf's waters between 1975 and 2035. Yes, it can see into the future.

8. The Professional Chef - $49
Probably the only app on this list that we could actually justify, this $50 creation from the C.I.A. (no, the Culinary Institute of America) gives you a rich trove of cooking knowledge. It's known as the "Bible for all Chefs," and "is the official textbook of the C.I.A."

9.Sexy Finger Print Test HD - $99
Touch this app with your finger and it'll tell you how sexy you are. It has 96 reviews and a three-star average. It used to be $20, but it got hiked because it's too sexy for your phone.

10.SafeSession Voice Encryption - $299
Worried about the NSA? Encrypting your voice calls, SafeSession will keep your call between you and whoever you ring up—provided they have it as well. But who knows, maybe this app is created by the NSA?! Because if you're encrypting, they know there's probably secrets in there.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He has a cracked iPhone 5 at the moment with no paid apps to his name. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.