The New GoPro Hero4 Brings 4K and Touchscreen

Chances are, if you’ve watched a YouTube video in the last five years of some chucklehead with a death wish throwing his body off the top of a mountain/bridge/building/space needle, or a video from a flying eagle's back you were watching footage captured by a GoPro.

According to PetaPixel, that footage is about to take a quantum leap into 4K territory, delivering cinema quality footage at 30fps with the new GoPro Hero4 action cams.

What else, you ask? Built. In. Touchscreen. Now you can immediately reminisce just how close you came to death only moments before—if you've got the Silver Edition. Unlike the Black, it can't do 30fps at 4K, but it can still that smooth frame rate at 2.7K resolution, well over standard HD territory. Pricing and availability still to come.

Ted Gushue is the Executive Editor at Supercompressor. He went pro in '99 and hasn't looked back. Follow him on Twitter @tedgushue.