Nokia's New Brick Phone Battery Will Last A Month

Published On 08/20/2014 Published On 08/20/2014
This phone battery will last a month

With the perpetual hullaballoo and intense anticipation that surrounds the release of a new smartphone, a few things less shiny and expensive fly under the radar, even if they're pretty groundbreaking. Mostly written off in favor of Apple, Samsung, and LG (except by people looking for the best phone camera on the market), Nokia is still doing what they went down in history for: making a phenomenal brick phone.

With a 36-day standby battery life, the Nokia 130 can do things an iPhone can only dream about. (Like plunging 10 floors and still working.) 

If the month-plus standby battery life (13 hours of talk time) isn't enough to impress you, this $25 phone intended for developing countries can handle video and audio—as long as you upload it to an SD card with Bluetooth, or the old-fashioned way. No Internet here, folks. But with a battery life that allows 16-hour video playback, who needs to surf?

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He once got two days out of an iPhone charge. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.



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