Charge Your Phone With This Pen

Chargers are a lot like pens, in that you can never seem to find either when you need one most. Well from here on out, you'll always have both if you have one.

Behold the Power Pen, a beautiful marriage of old-school and new tech, rolled into one shiny, phone-charging pen. This might just be the most useful item to ever grace your desk.

The brushed aluminum ballpoint beauty comes in silver or gold, and has both lightning and microUSB tips, so you can juice up whether you're team Apple or team Android.

The charger tips are located in the interior of the pen, just twist it apart to reveal them. If you remove the cap, you'll find a USB to recharge your Power Pen's battery with ease.

Though you probably won't want to throw away your current charger—the battery is 700mAh, which is great for an emergency boost, but would take a few hours to fully power a dead phone.

It's affordable at $39.29, but you might not want to lend this one out to your coworkers. You probably won't get it back.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. She has both a pen and charger in her purse at all times. This might save some space. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.