This Portable Robot Lets You Print Anywhere

For better or worse, we still live in a world that requires actual hard copies of stuff. And if you've ever been on the road and stuck without a printer, you know the terror of the hotel "business center." The Mini Mobile Robotic Printer is both adorable AND functional, and will allow you to become your own mobile business center.

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Through a system of wheels, ink jets, and possibly fairies, the mini-printer connects to your smartphone or laptop and simply rolls along on a piece of paper, instantly laying down typeface or designs.

The printer comes in three colors and is small enough for a briefcase, backpack, or bigger-than-average pocket. It's rolling toward it's Kickstarter goal, but you can get one of the first off the line for around $200. A small price if it means never having to desperately search for a Kinkos again.

Evan Scott Schwartz is the Tech editor for Supercompressor. He wishes he could go Office Space on every printer on Earth.