The Sensel Morph Gives You Full Control Of Your Computer

Published On 08/25/2015 Published On 08/25/2015
Sensel Morph

Personal computers are without a doubt one of the most important innovations in human history. You can do just about anything with a laptop... just as long as whatever you're doing doesn't require any more subtle control than what the simple mouse or touchpad can provide.

For projects that necessitate a defter touch, you're going to need a separate peripheral. Stepping in to fill the void is the Sensel Morph, an iPad-esque controller that will ​elevate all of your creative digital endeavors.

Sensel Morph

The Morph is a tablet-sized, pressure sensitive, multi-functional device that uses touch to control your most important programs. Each pad has 20,000 sensor elements, which are used to detect the full range of force you can apply to it. Using customizable overlays, you can do just about anything--from painting and drawing to advanced design and music composition. 


Just about any creative task can be accomplished with the Morph, and as its name infers, it can be customized to stretch its abilities even further. Right now, Sensel is hosting a contest to create a new overlay, crowdsourcing innovation for a controller that will doubtlessly depend on user ingenuity to thrive. You can hook it up to any computer via microUSB, tablets via Bluetooth, and Arduino devices for you really savvy technophiles via Dev. Cable.

Sensel Morph

The Sensel Morph just hit Kickstarter, which gives you a great chance to jump on it early. Don't wait too long--the campaign blew past its $60,000 goal within hours of its release, and its early bird pricing option is already all claimed. Pledge $250 and you'll be one of the first to fully control your computer when the Morph launches in June 2016.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He prefers to think of his previous digital artistic creations as abstract masterpieces. 

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