The First Professional Smartphone Tri-Pod

Smartphones have incredible imaging sensors within, capable of shooting impressive-looking full HD video, a feature most people don't take advantage of. It's not that simple: the phone is light and shakes easily and is designed so that the natural instinct is to hold it vertically, creating the awful portrait video with black bars. Helping you unlock your phone's video skills and bring them to their full potential, the ShoulderPod S1 gives you a tripod option for your phone, adds a useful grip, and provides a viewing area after you've grabbed the shot.

Since smartphones stupidly lack a tripod thread, the S1 secures your phone with a clamp and opens up the magical world that comes with the 1/4-inch-20 thread, which includes sliders, suction cup mounts, and helmet mounts, if you actually bought the phone insurance.

Using the S1 as a grip—they call it the "filmmaker grip"—adds weight to the bundle, improving stability and dampening your awful shakiness as well as providing an actual handle to hang onto. And since there's no way to turn the phone vertically, your videos will always be in widescreen. 

Now that there truly are no barriers to entry for filmmaking, you can get started on shooting that screenplay in your drawer, Spielberg.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He is a filmmaker sometimes. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.