This iPad-Sized Solar Charger Will Save Your Phone, Social Life

Published On 05/21/2015 Published On 05/21/2015

Nothing is worse than heading out for a day in the great outdoors and realizing that your phone is about to die. It's not like you were going to be using it all that much, but losing that lifeline to the rest of the world is less than ideal, since outlets aren't readily available in the woods or at the beach. Here's a solution that fits into your pack right along with your iPad: the Solartab.


The Solartab is, as its name suggests, a solar panel shaped like a tablet. It has a cover, similar to many tablet covers, which folds over and protects the panel's surface when not in use. Like many tablet covers, the panel's cover can be positioned in a tent position so it can soak up the sun. Two full-sized USB ports and a micro USB port are included so that you can charge just about any type of device while on-the-go. Since the Solartab can store power, you can even charge your stuff when the sun has gone down.


Pre-order the Solartab here for $119; with a May ship date, we're betting you'll get it sooner than later.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and he needs one of these for his expeditions.

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