The Turing Smartphone Is Essentially Unbreakable, Inside and Out

You know how every new iPhone release comes with a slew of videos of people destroying the brand new tech to see how much it can handle? Yeah, the new Turing Phone knows about those,too. Upon its release (thought to be soon, since the preorder campaign just launched), the videos that surface won't result in a new phone with a cracked screen—they'll show this super-tough, rugged beast smashing everything in its way, and remaining (relatively) unscathed.

The Turing Phone's biggest selling point is its security, both in its physical design and in its software. It's made of Liquidmorphium, an alloy stronger than titanium and steel, it has a Gorilla Glass IV screen, and it's waterproof. On the software side, the phone takes things incredibly seriously, using a special cipher that its creators claim is "unhackable." 

If you're all about beating up your phone and protecting your identity, you can preorder the Turing Phone in any of three colors (Beowulf, Pharaoh, and...Cardinal) with storage from 16 GB to 128 GB, starting at $610 and topping out at $870. One thing's for sure if you get one: you'll definitely have the toughest phone on the block.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He thinks this might just be compensating for something.

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