The Apple Watch Can Now Start Your Car

Are you still employing bulky keys to start your car like it’s...2014? Stop that immediately, and get Viper’s new SmartStart app for your Apple Watch or Android Wear. Already available on smartphones, Viper’s auto-focused tech grants users the ability to start, lock/unlock, and locate their car from virtually anywhere in the world.

The whole system's incredibly effortless to operate. Simply open the app and press "Start Car." That's it. Once your engine's on, you'll receive a "Car Started" notification and you'll be able to lock/unlock your doors as you please. There's also a "Geofence" feature that'll notify you if your car ventures out of pre-programmed parameters, making being a teenager that much more awful. 

Alex Robinson is a senior editor at Supercompressor. His boring watch can't do anything except tell time. Call him a Neo-Luddite on Twitter @ItsAlexRobinson.