Will This Smart Wallet Replace All of Your Credit Cards?

Published On 01/16/2015 Published On 01/16/2015
Wocket Wallet
Wocket Wallet

We've seen some new smart payment systems emerge in the past year: Apple Pay, Coin (which has been on pre-order for what seems like forever), NFC Google Wallet technology, to name a few. They are, no doubt, among the contenders to replace one of the most classic accessories—the wallet. But stepping into the space at CES, the Wocket Wallet makes an interesting play to replace your credit cards.

Designed by security company NXT-ID, the Wocket Wallet is essentially a card and a card-carrier with an interface. Just like Coin, or any other programmable card, you input all your cards, which are stored on the device. Whenever you want to pay with one, you simply select it from the LCD screen and out pops the programmed Wocket card you can use as a credit card.

Wocket Wallet

To increase security, the Wocket card has a timer, which will cancel the magnetic strip and remove the CVC and expiration data if you don't use it right away. And, of course, to even use the wallet, you need to put in your PIN or use the voice fingerprinting feature to unlock it.

Wocket Wallet

It's anybody's guess if the Wocket will catch on, but it's a another interesting solution to streamlining the stack of cards we all carry without making merchants ditch the swiping machines for something new and Apple-ish, though that's probably inevitable.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He pays with cash sometimes, because he's old-fashioned. Follow him on Instagram.



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