The Only Way To Get A White Xbox One

Until recently, the only way to get a white Xbox One was to be either A) Bill Gates, or B) related to Bill Gates. But that's forever changed, as Xbox just set it loose on the masses along with one of the most original shooters we've ever played on a console - Sunset Overdrive. It's a limited edition bundle, and our workflow has suffered greatly this past week as a result of them dropping off not one, but two at our office. Why two? Because we're giving one away to you. 

Head down the page to see how you can enter our Instagram giveaway. Drawing time is midnight EST on 10/31. Get after it. 

How would we describe Sunset Overdrive? If Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Grand Theft Auto, and Mirrors Edge had a baby with a zombie, it would be Sunset Overdrive.

So far, our arbitrary number ranking on how much we're enjoying this game:

Premise: amazing; 9.5/10
Graphics: crystal clear, beautiful; 9.8/10
Overall fun: stupid fun; 9.8/10

The general idea? The character has to run, jump, shoot, smash, and cause just about as much havoc as human-ishly possible. The more destruction and mayhem the better. Heads up: a style score is kept, and increasing it makes the character's abilities even better and stronger and faster. Tear sh*t up, be rewarded! 

Win the exact Xbox One Sunset Overdrive bundle you see above, on Instagram here

Gavin Woolard is a contributor to Supercompressor. He recommends at least 30 minutes of outdoor activity before you spend the rest of your day playing your new Xbox One. Follow him on Instagram.