These Are The 8 Best iPhone Cases

Whether you have the new iPhone 6 or a horribly outdated piece of crap like the 5s, not having some type of additional protection on your phone is just plain silly and irresponsible. The problem, though, is case overload. Picking among the thousands available...oh the humanity. Fret about this no more. Below are the best eight iPhone* cases you should be strapping to your phone. 

(*Some of these are still for the 5s, but you can bet they'll be adapted for the iPhone 6 soon.)

Element Case Sector 5 Carbon Fiber:$159.95
Carbon and CNC machined aluminum makes for one stealth bomber-looking case. It comes with a special wrench that you use to mount the case to your phone, so you'll never have to worry about it popping out should you accidentally drop it out of a helicopter.

SNAP! 6:$35.00
Let's face it: the major downside of the iPhone is the awkward positioning of the camera when you're snapping certain shots.The SNAP! 6 case incorporates a shutter button in the top right corner when you're holding the phone horizontally, allowing for steadier picture taking. 

As a bonus it even includes additional lenses to make sure you get the best shot every time.

Incipio STASHBACK: $39.99
If you don’t carry enough cards to warrant a full-on wallet (or, if you're really into wearing skinny jeans), a cardholder case can be fantastic. The STASHBACK features a hidden three card compartment that lifts up from the bottom of the phone, while still keeping your phone slim and protected.

IN1 Case:$44.95
For those people who love having a variety of tools at their disposal, your phone case can now double as a multi-tool. The IN1 features two screwdrivers, two pens, a nail file, toothpick, tweezers, and kickstand so you'll be prepared for anything and everything. [More...]

The thinnest waterproof case for the new iPhone 6, you can’t not like this one. The Aquatik will keep the size of the 6 down (the phone is huge!) while offering superb protection and waterproofing. [More...]

TYLT Bumpr:$39.99
Probably the simplest case on this list, the TYLT Bumpr case is exactly what it sounds like: a protective bumper that goes around the edge of your iPhone. If you get bored and want to change it up, it comes with an additional black Bumpr and back cover. It’s simple, easy to put on, and just looks damn good.

Mophie Space Pack: $149.95
The Mophie is a battery case for the iPhone, meaning it has an additional power source that lets you to go longer between charges. Even cooler, the Space Pack option has additional memory built into the case too. With 16GB and 32GB cases, you can effectively double your iPhone's storage.

LifeProof Fre:$79.99
This LifeProof case is a staple of iPhone protection. Proven over and over for exceptional durability, it's an obvious choice if you're looking for a waterproof case that comes in a variety of colors.

Gavin Woolard is an editorial intern at Supercompressor. He guesses Apple will send him a new iPhone 6 any day now, which he will then promptly put in one of these cases. Follow him on Instagram.