These Seinfeld Emojis Are Totally Text-Worthy

Thanks to the surreal Twitter account, Seinfeld 2000, and America's burning desire to get unarguably the greatest sitcom on earth back into our lives, Seinfeld Emoji is 2014's answer to the gaping hole left in our hearts when Seinfeld went off the air in 1998. From Buzzfeed's web developer, Shahruz Shaukat, and a Houston graphic designer, Kevin McCauley, Seinfeld Emoji has almost everything a superfan could ask for. 

The puffy shirt, the urban sombrero, a package of Junior Mints, the marble rye and even pretzels that'll make you thirsty. Of course, there's a fair smattering of Weird Twitter thrown in as well...regardless, they're real and they're spectacular. Seinfeld Emoji was submitted to the app store, but the guys haven't heard back yet. Not there's anything wrong with that. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor. You, dear reader, don't even know what a tax write-off is. But Jeremy does. And he's the one, writing it off.