Find (And Buy) Exactly What Actors Are Wearing

Did you love that shirt Jonah Hill wore in The Wolf of Wall Street? Me too. Did you immediately want to buy it upon leaving the theatre? Me too. Did you have no idea where it came from and no clue where to buy it? Me too.

Well those days are over. Meet TheTake, a new app launching today that curates nearly every piece of clothing, accessories, and shoes (plus certain filming locations, too) from your favorite characters in your favorite movies. 

It's billed as Shazam for movies. And that's pretty much it. No more screaming: "Ah! That suit Gosling's got on, I saw it in a's, gah, who the hell makes it??" Just fire up TheTake, and search. Not all movies are on there, but new ones are added every day and the company takes suggestions.

Here's a suggestion: Wedding Crashers. How's this not an option yet?

Damn, you're thinking: What spot is this in NYC in The Other Woman? Well, by golly, TheTake will tell you right here. (Hint: It's the James Hotel in SoHo.)

Wait, why are you watching The Other Woman?

If you want to work backwards, and just look for cool jackets that have been in movies, you can do that too. Under its "products" section you can search men's jackets, coats, shoes, grooming, etc., and the same works for women. You can also just search individual actors and it pulls up every movie product page in his or her catalogue.

Basically, you're now Brad Pitt. Except the app doesn't actually have Brad Pitt yet, which seems to be a glaring oversight.

Ryan Hatch is the deputy editor for Supercompressor. He starred in Moneyball.