Avoid Your Crazy Ex With The Antisocial App

Running into people you know on the street is a nightmare, especially if you used to, say, sleep with that person. Cloak is trying to make the awkward run-in a thing of the past.

Cloak uses location information from your Instagram and Foursquare feeds to create a custom map of folks you'd just rather not see, ever. Is your town a veritable minefield of old hookups and weirdos from high school? Don't unfriend them — use their online oversharing against them. You can pick and choose people you'd like to avoid, or just get an automatically updated map of everyone you follow on Instagram so that you can lead a hermit life while out in the real world. Who knew all those stupid pictures of your ex with her new boyfriend would actually help you?

Evan Scott Schwartz is the Tech editor for Supercompressor. He is not good at running into exes.