This App Lets You Delete Texts From Other People's Phones

In case you didn't know, ChatON is the proprietary texting app for Samsung phones — kind of like a WhatsApp for folks with Android. The latest update has all kinds of fun little features: stickers, large file sharing, route sharing... okay,YOU CAN DELETE TEXTS. From OTHER PEOPLE'S PHONES. That's right. Misspelled something? Redo it. Sent a... questionable picture? Get rid of it! How about a video that might compromise your future career in politics? Bye bye. It's like Snapchat with take-backs. Even if the other person has read the text, you can simply pluck it from their phone. It only works in one-on-one text convos for now, but like... are you really sending those pics in group texts? If so, congratulations sir.

Evan Scott Schwartz is the Tech editor for Supercompressor. It's too bad he has an iPhone.