This Kettle Charges Your Devices Without Electricity

Whether you're camping or stuck in a power outage, your priorities are probably twofold:

1. Having clean drinking water 
2. Access to electricity

BioLite's new KettleCharge satisfies both of these needs. The device works by filling the stainless steel pot and placing it over a flame. Not only does it create potable drinking water, but this (very) smart device converts heat into electricity through thermo-electric technology, and leaves the user with power equivalent to a wall outlet. 

If/when you need communication with the outside world during a power outage, boil water on your stove (you can do this even during a power outage; the stove is just gas powered through a pipe that you can light with a match) and let it sit. If/when you want to Tweet about how #bliss it is to #getaway at #joshuatree (and you will need to do all of this), well, you know how to light a grill and fire it up. 

Instructions, once more:

1. Pour water into pot
2. Let water reach a boil and leave for about 15 minutes

This will give you 10w of power, which will charge the average smart phone for five hours of talk-time, and five hours of video. As they say, "Just fill, heat, and charge."

And look how small it is—two pounds and just under eight inches in diameter. It powers all devices through USB cords, and includes instant feedback on heat and charging; meaning you won't accidentally let it get too hot and damage any of your equipment (cord, phone) since you can charge while it's boiling.  

Owen Melhado is an intern at Supercompressor. Talk about too hot.