This Brilliant Designer Is Turning Old iPhones Into Lamps And Speakers

You've got one in your drawer right now, don't you? That poor, neglected iPhone 4S that served you so dutifully for all those year(s). How dare you let it ride out its last days in the cold dark back of your junk drawer when it could be shining light or playing music proudly on your desk? 

Those days are over, pal. Thanks to designer Ivan Zhurba, you may be able to breath a second life back into your old iPhone's faded glory. 

The best part? Odds are you'll get to have this concept on your desk sooner rather than later. reports that Mr. Ivan Zhurba will be uploading his 3D plans to popular online printing site Kwambio in early July 2015.

How freaking cool is the future? Head on over to DesignBoom to get the full story.