The Most Insane Video Game Collection You'll Ever See

By way of an obsessive-compulsive nerd on Imgur, we came across the ultimate gaming room in the entire history of video gaming. This place has got hundreds of Sega, Super Nintendo, Playstation and N64 games—all organized in a mouth-watering way. This is video game porn, but not that kind of video game porn.


Look at all these consoles and controllers! Game Cube, X-Box, Super Nintendo...our childhood versions of ourselves feel all tingly and warm. 

Remember Nintendo Power? Arguably the most important publication to come out of the 1990s? 

Remember when Game Boy Color was the highest piece of portable technology that you could game with? Now people are chilling with holograms. Okay. 

N64 controllers of every single color alongside six special-edition N64 consoles. Drooling all over the keyboard, halp. 

Yes, you're looking at every single Legend of Zelda ever made. Commence envy. 

Original 8-bit Nintendo games a-plenty. 

There has to be hundreds—if not, thousands—of game cartridges in this collection. It's either worth a lot of money or sent this poor soul into bankruptcy. 

This larger view shows the little Game Boy cartridge alcove. 

The incredible dedication to the organization of all these games is totally mind-blowing. Each of the original logos is perfectly presented around the corresponding games. 

Just incredible. 

A bundle of stray Game Cube games, which only lasted from 2001 to 2007. 

Just to be clear, Mega Man for Sega Genesis is still one of the finest games ever grafted. 

These games are for the short-lived Sega Master System, which was originally released in 1985 as the Sega Mark III in Japan. You could play with cartridges or little credit card-sized  "Sega Cards." 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and finally admits that he will never get past the last level of Sonic III.