This Is How Apple Makes You Fall In Love With Macs

Ladies and gentlemen, take note. If you're trying to seduce a potential mate, angle yourself at 76 degrees and suitors will flock to you. At least, that's the strategy Apple's been employing with its MacBooks, according to Business Insider

A source within Apple has disclosed that employees are required to position all laptop screens at 76 degrees. The reason for the unusual mandate? The awkward angling tempts customers to adjust the screen to get a better look, forcing them to come into contact with the MacBooks' irresistibly smooth metal casing, touch-responsive hinge, and, let's not forget, that crystal clear mega-pixelated screen. I actually bought the laptop I'm currently typing on after being forced to adjust a screen myself. Although zero hard data (that we know of) exists to prove the correlation between screen-angling and MacBook purchases, Apple employees had previously been strictly instructed to set them at 70 degrees, so we know this is a technique they trust, and are weirdly rigid about.

We love you, Apple, but we're onto you.

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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