The Tinder Robot Will Make Your Dating Decisions For You

Published On 08/21/2015 Published On 08/21/2015
Saurabh Datta

Dating is hard. Anyone with a heart and a smartphone can tell you.

Well, here to cut at least one step from the process is Conditional Lover, a "Tinder Bot" that will do your swiping (and more) for you. Hooking up on Tinder—already a simple prospect—just got a hell of a lot easier. What an age to be alive!

Saurabh Datta

According to its creator, the bot uses a camera to analyze pictures based on preferences you've pre-selected (such as age and ethnicity), then just like a human being, uses two prongs to accept or reject via right or left-swipe. 

Letting a robot make preliminary romantic decisions may be tempting, but if some experts are to be trusted, having more options not only makes it harder to choose something, but also may make us less satisfied with our choices, because we can’t help wonder whether we erred. Whoa.

What is love.
h/t Wired
Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. She suspects this robot has a certain type of fetish... follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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