The UE Boom Speaker Just Got a Skate Makeover

The latest release in their unique artist collaboration series, UE Boom has brought on legendary skateboard designer Don Pendleton for another special edition of their phenomenal speaker. Colorful, geometric, and undeniably funky, Pendleton brings his design chops to one of our favorite portable Bluetooth speakers out there.

If you need a refresher, the UE Booms consistently puts out a sound that doesn't correlate with its small size, reminding us of those BOSE ads from back in the day. Besides simply booming via Bluetooth or stereo miniplug, there are a few other goodies it can do. What the top photo of the tattooed gentleman and the American Apparel-looking women illustrates is that two of these things can be used together to either extend the wireless range or be used to create a stereo situation.

Moreover, if you feel like downloading the UE Boom app for your smartphone, it can boom you awake in the morning to the song of your choice. We, however, do not recommend this, since it will ruin said song forever in your mind.

Other than the phenomenal sound, the UE Boom nails the details, sporting a 15 hour battery life—rechargeable via MicroUSB—water and stain resistance, NFC capabilities (if you're into that), and a speakerphone option.


As if the Pendletons weren't stunning enough, they've just dropped a handful more in fresh colorways!

The latest batch, which somehow seem to sound even better than the last, includes five new color combos, each inspired by today's pop culture.

In addition to the Aqua (on left) and Superhero versions seen above, there's also Citrus (fluorescent yellow with white and green accents), Orchid (lavender with white and red), and even Blue Steel, which while not actually covered in pictures of Ben Stiller, is skinned in midnight blue with a gray strap and red accents. 

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He can't handle the Lion King NAAAAAZAMBEDJUWAHHABANEEZEEHABWAmumbayay song after too many mornings. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.