This Underwater Tidal Fence Converts Waves Into Power

Published On 08/07/2015 Published On 08/07/2015

We've been saying it all along: surf is life (life is power, power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge, let’s go!) To prove our point more succinctly, British startup Kepler Energy announced a new ocean energy concept, the Tidal Fence, that could produce more clean energy than off-shore wind farms, or, approximately 30 MW. That's enough juice to supply power to 1,000 homes. Surf's up!

Kepler Energy

Designed for placement in shallower, lower-velocity tidal waters, the THAWT (Transverse Horizontal Axis Water Turbine) harnesses said waves and converts them into electricity. While ocean turbines are nothing new, Kepler's concept varies in its ability to take advantage of wee baby waves at superficial depths, so it has nearly unlimited potential to produce clean energy, even in smaller surfs. 

Unfortunately the THAWT is just a concept, but hopefully soon, we'll see this popping up in oceans across the world. 

H/T: The Guardian 

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