Fully-Customizable Headphones That Let You Optimize Sound For Every Song

Not everyone can be a DJ, but with Torque's t402v headphones, configurable with four frequency settings, everyone can certainly pretend they are.

Torque's new cans let you address your nitpicky listening preferences via an on-ear and over-ear headphone option, and four choices of bass. You can use the headphones in their standard on-ear form, or add over-ear pads for a completely immersive experience. To modify the level of bass, change the orientation of your ear pads—the pads' magnetic hold and color-coding let you clearly differentiate between the four low-frequency options.

To distinguish their design even further, the headphones are constructed out of their proprietary Bio-Cell material, which—according to the company—"has lower mass but [is] up to 5 times stiffer than the typical speaker." This pair comes with an in-line mic and remote, and a 1.4-meter, extra long cable, because a truly good pair of headphones is solo dance party-enabled. 

The headphones' Kickstarter campaign goes live on June 11, at which point you can secure a pair for $300 (a discounted rate of $250 will be offered to the first 50 backers).

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and is now taking suggestions for best road trip tunes. Shoot tips @Michelle_No.

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