This Chrome Add-On Lets You Try Clothes At Home Before Buying Online

Shopping for new threads and kicks online is awesome. Having to jump through hoops to ship stuff back when your new duds don't fit sucks. To make online shopping more awesome and less sucky, gives you a chance to order your gear, give it a look, and send it back—all without spending a dime. 

Just pop the Chrome add-on into your browser and get shopping. If you're on an associated retailer's site, the "Try For Free" button will show up automatically and you'll be able to order through the service. They'll send you your gear, along with a pre-paid return shipping label. If the clothes don't fit, just use the label and ship it back within 10 days for free. Best of all, you're only charged the online retail price—no extra fee—if you don't return the clothes, so this is a no-risk, all-reward setup. 

Try is available through J. Crew, Urban Outfitters, and several other stores, with more to come. Click here for the add-on to take your internet shopping game to the next level.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. This is a dangerous service for him to have.

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