Retro Tubes and Modern Tech Make This Wooden Speaker Sing

We want our speakers to look good AND sound good for as long as possible. Instead of splurging on some hi-fi, carbon fiber monstrosity that will be outdated and outmoded in a year, forgo digital and reach back for a retro, analog monster like the Tubecore DUO.

Although it looks like it came from your grandpa's den, the DUO will play audio from anything you can possibly imagine, thanks to Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Turn it into your one-stop media hub by hooking up your flat screen and next-gen system, or rescue your old turntables. You can control it from your phone or turn it into a computer powerhouse with a little Raspberry Pi.

The DUO looks sexy, lights up in any LED color you choose, and is infinitely modular and customizable. If you act now, they'll even throw you a discount: for just $479, you can upgrade your entire speaker system and look good doing it.

Evan Scott Schwartz is the Tech editor for Supercompressor. He thinks this speaker looks like retro Iron Man.